Welcome to Legian

Experience the best in Legian with its beautiful white sand beach. Legian has popular tourists spot for you to explore during your stay in Bali. 

What to do in Legian

Legian is famous for its exotic wave that have been a favourite spot for surfers. Around the beach you can explore many shopping areas and culinary experiences and also incredible night entertainments.

Poser Pub and Restaurant

Poser Pub and Restaurant offers you a refreshing start to your evening after a sunset walk on the Legian beach in a relaxing and friendly setting. We have wide selection of beers, wine, spirits and cocktails…

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Sendok Emas Restaurant

Sendok Emas restaurant opened is door in 2015. The restaurant hold a cozy venue located in Werkudara street, nearby double six beach at Legian in Kuta. With a unique traditional Joglo style from Java,…

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Rehat Spa

Welcome to Rehat Spa, a place where you can relax and pamper yourself. We would like to take you away for a while from the stress piled up from your daily routine and activities. Rehat Spa offers an atmosphere…

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